Michigan Fake Driver License

Michigan Fake Driver License

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Driver Privilege Cards and Certain Class D Licenses are Not Acceptable for Identity

Many states continue to offer their residents “driver privilege” cards, which are intended for the sole purpose of permitting an individual to lawfully operate a motor vehicle (not for identity), while other states have begun to issue their standard class D licenses without the requirement for applicants to prove lawful presence. 

As such, effective immediately, the following states’ class D licenses will no longer be acceptable for proof of identity since the Idaho Department of Transportation is unable to determine the extent to which an applicant’s identity or lawful presence was examined through the issuance of their current credential. Only Real IDs (Star Cards) from these states will be acceptable proof of identity.

Validity period of the real Michigan ID card: 4 years

Material used for real Michigan ID card: Polycarbonate

Format of the license number on real Michigan ID card: Soundex system, 12 digits. First letter of last name, then 3 digits last name Soundex code, then 3 digits first name Soundex code, then 3 digits middle name Soundex code, then 3 digits date of birth code

Scanning areas of the real Michigan ID card: two 2-D bar codes and a magnetic stripe

Special features of the real Michigan ID card:

  • Punctured “MICH” visible in back lighting.
  • State seal in the middle.
  • Date of birth and ghost photo in UV ink on back of the card.
  • Mackinac Bridge in tricolor ink.

We know exactly how should a real Michigan ID card look and work. We create fake ID cards that are indistinguishable from the real ones.

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